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The "Company" means CIR sp. z o.o., a duly incorporated and registered company under the laws of Republic of Poland, with its registered office in Krakow, Poland.

The "Client" means any person, firm, organization or company purchasing the services supplied by the Company.

The "Agreement" means the Terms of Service Agreement herein agreed between the Company and the Client for the sale of services.

"Services provided", "Information" or "Data" mean information, reports or other services offered by the Company and delivered or made available to the Client either by email or any other means.

By purchasing services from the Company, the Client accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Fees, Billing and Payment

Fees for services are applied according to the Company's standard prices, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Prices, quotations and other information are available upon request from

Itemized billing and summary invoice for all services provided are made available to the Client within 14 days after the end of each month.

Bills and invoices issued by the Company which are not paid up-front are payable by the Client within 30 days of the date of invoice. Payments are to be received by the Company free of any deductions of bank and transfer charges by the Client's bankers or any intermediary bank, or taxes or levies imposed by any government.

If an invoice is not paid in full by the 30th day following the date of the invoice, the Company shall be entitled to charge a penalty of 2% per month on the amount due from that date until the date of the payment in full. The Company reserves the right to suspend the Client's account until the payment is received

The Client has 7 days from the invoice date to inform the Company of any discrepancy in the quantity delivered or of any matter, which may delay or affect payment of the invoice.

Conditions of Sale

The Company reserves the right to decline to trade with any other company or person. In the event that the Company declines to accept an order in respect of which payment has been received, the full amount of such payment will be refunded.

The Company shall endeavour to meet quoted delivery speeds. However, any delivery speed quoted is not guaranteed nor is the time quoted for delivery a condition of the Agreement. The Company will not be liable for any failure to meet a delivery date or time nor for loss or consequential loss of any kind arising from a delay in delivery.

The Client is entirely reponsible for all actions performed with the Client's credentials (username and password) including responsibility to pay for all and any orders and/or services which are requested using the Client's credentials. The Client can change his/her password at any time to keep the access secure.

Limitation of Liability

Although the Company seeks to ensure the accuracy of the Information and/or Services provided to the Client, the Company makes no warranty, guarantee or representation as to the correctness or accuracy of the Data provided to the Client.

The Company and employees of the Company shall have no liability to the Client or to any third party in relation to damages or for any loss of profit, expense, goodwill or any indirect or consequential loss incurred by the Client or third party for inaccuracies, opinions, errors, omissions, changes or misrepresentations relating to or contained in the Information and/or Services provided to the Client.

The maximum liability of the Company to the Client for all claims arising under this Agreement shall be limited to the amount paid by the Client to the Company during the course of recent six months.

Final Provisions

The Company may assign or delegate any or all of its responsibilities and/or obligations to one or more subcontractors.

The copyright of any Data and/or any reports provided to a Client is and remains the property of the Company. The Data may not be copied, distributed, sold, reproduced, licensed or dealt with in whole or in part without the prior written consent of the Company.

If and when issues and matters arise during the course of the Agreement that are not definitively controlled by the provisions of this Agreement, the parties shall act reasonably and in good faith endeavor to adjust and resolve such issues and matters.

If a dispute is not resolved within three months of the dispute notice, then each Party may initiate any legal proceedings it deems appropriate.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Poland and the Courts of Poland shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute which arises out of or under this Agreement or any breah thereof.

Contact details

All correspondence related to the agreement shall be directed to:

CIR sp. z o.o., Bydgoska 6, 30-056 Krakow, Poland